Some months in Las Palmas - Sailing - Hiking - Friends - in Winter 2018/19

Our new berth for the year to come
Still some depressions
The Marina in the background
A hero on Teneriffe..
huge impressions.

Back to Gran Canaria
My Hiking Group - I love them!

Rainer bathing


Life ashore November 2018

Our new piece of ART - found on the garbage.

The harbour on the east side, where our boat lies..

Las Palmas in heavy weather

Las Palmas i ordentlig vind

Med Jan ved Agaete i bjergene

Bugten ved Las Canteras Strand

My brother Jan

My new bike


A permanent berth in Las Palmas, a month before the ARC 08. 10. 18

The narrow view out towards our flat on the Isleta.
We will stay here for at least half a year, we hope.  :-)


Finally! Las Palmas at the anchorage! 06. 10. 18

Erst mal baden gehen!
Wahrscheinlich bekommen wir sogar einen Liegeplatz für mindestens ein halbes Jahr. 
Also alles ist möglich...

Later a lokal friend of ours, Patrick and his girlfriend Sheona were driven out of the harbour by the close reach to a noisy concert in their sailingboat >Blue Zulu<.

They are at anchor jusr beside us. WONDERFUL!

Patrick & Sheona on SY Blue Zulu


Arrival in Playa Blanca, Lancerote 02. 10. 2018

The (One and only?) Sailors Bar in Marina Rubicón

The owner was impressed, he said.
Here his post on Facebook.

La Graciosa, Those were the days! 01. 10. 2018

1993 Jochen, i baggrunden  Spækhugger Karlsson og Lancerotes dramatisk vulkaniske nordkyst.

2006 Jochen, Jochen, i baggrunden  Spækhugger Prins Henrik og Lancerotes dramatisk vulkaniske nordkyst..

2018 Jochen med manden, i baggrunden  Spækhugger Josephine og Lancerotes dramatisk vulkaniske nordkyst.


Farvel til Ferragudo/Portimao 16. 9. 2018

Vi sejler videre, dog ikke uden at hilse på en anden Spækhugger, der fast har sin liggeplads her.

Pontimao Ferragudo 17. 9. 2018


Rainer køber en parasol

the anchorage, once more

En Spækhugger, men IKKE vores


Alvor - Laguna de Lagos 15./16.9.

A nice quiet anchorage near Lagos

Sönke, my nephew..

..and his girlfriend Daphne, happened to be around on holliday in the area. They stay with us for dinner and the night. It was wonderful to have them around.